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Lamsri and the mission to help distraught children in Thailand


Here at Lamsri Bohemian, we use our passion to bring the most comfortable apparels in the world to help provide for distraught and poor children and people of Thailand. Many of these kids cannot afford school books or even shoes to make the long walk from their homes in the countryside.

Lamsri Bohemian donates 10% of the profits to provide educational scholarships and assistance to these rural kids in Thailand. We hope that you are joining hands  with us and with one voice helping give the benefits of education to those kids in need.



Lamsri Foundation Scholarship#1


Lamsri Foundation Scholarship#2




Lamsri Bohemian stands by the quality of our products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee with every order and free return shipping if you are not satisfied.



Browse our website lamsribohemian.com to learn more about our apparel and mission to help kids in northern Thailand. Embrace your inner style and live a relaxed and stress-free life with us!:)